The protein glycodelin (PP14, PAEP) is associated with pregnancy and exhibits pronounced immunotropic properties. We studied the effect of glycodelin on the cytokine profile of blood serum during transplantation a suspension of allogeneic red bone marrow cells to Wistar rats. Recombinant glycodelin was administered to the animals 4 times (14 μg each time). Against the background of bone marrow cell transplantation, the levels of proinflammatory (IL-1α, IL-1β, and IL-18) and regulatory (IL-7, IL-12) cytokines and CSF (M-CSF) increased in blood serum, which indicates a systemic inflammatory response to the allograft. Glycodelin administration against the background of bone marrow cell allotransplantation led to a significant decrease in the proinflammatory cytokine IL-17A on day 21 of the experiment; the concentrations of the other cytokines remained unchanged. In general, glycodelin can suppress the level of IL-17A, a marker of graft rejection, which opens perspectives for its further investigation as a potential drug.


Keywords: Wistar rats; allogeneic transplant; cytokine profile; glycodelin.