In recent years, materials based on graphene oxide (GO) have been actively studied for their use in biomedicine. The aim of our study was to investigate the increase in cell mass and viability of Jurkat tumor line T cells during 24 h of contact with GO nanoparticles in the Cell-IQ system of intravital observation. We used nanoparticles of different sizes coated with linear or branched polyethylene glycol (PEG) at concentrations of 5 and 25 μg/mL. It was shown for the first time that direct contact with GO nanoparticles reduced the growth in cell mass at the visualization points by more than twofold, regardless of nanoparticle size and concentration. Moreover, the number of live cells in the culture decreased by 5-9% after 24 h of monitoring. Thus, PEG-coated GO nanoparticles were found to suppress the proliferation and viability of Jurkat cell line T lymphocytes.


Keywords: Cell-IQ; Jurkat; cell mass; graphene oxide nanoparticles; polyethylene glycol; viability.